New Jimmy Page Signed Books - Pre-Order from Genesis Publications

He's actually signed these -- no stamps!

$575 which includes shipping to USA (less if you are in the UK or Europe)

Shipping in December but it will probably sell out if you wait till then. 

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I like the new signature style! And Jimmy is still very desired. As long as it can verified that Jimmy is doing the signing. Personally, I like his early signatures the best..

Does anyone think that Genesis Publications would Sell Books advertised as signed by Jimmy Page and them not be signed by JP??  

I have written to Genesis to make sure these new books with each be hand signed by Jimmy. (No stamps, autopens, or other nonsense).  If that's indeed gonna be his "new" signature -- I like it -- as it's way more detailed than the other books, photos, and projects that's he's officially done in the past.  And since he basically does not sign anymore for fans Mr. Page is HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE --  nearly everything he puts out sells out. 

Bingo we have a winner 

Very interested to hear what you get back from them- I fully expect that the image they provided was just a placeholder until he has time to sign them...

Surely they wouldnt try and get away with an autopen (or that darned stamp) for that money... and more interestingly, I wonder if Jimmy will actually sign using his usual short wavy one or this more full signature. Please let us know what you hear!

I agree.  As I said I remember seeing pics of him signing the guitars or amps that's how I new the new sig

Exactly, I only knew because Id seen a documentary of him working with fender for the new guitars. Its more reminiscent of his vintage style for sure:

If youre a guitar player its an interesting watch.

Still, theres a big difference between a limited run of guitars selling for $6000+ or thereabouts and a book selling for 10th of that- Id very curious to see what these signatures end up looking like. 

I've dealt in signed instruments so I was pricing them through some people I new before they come out . There very expensive 

I just purchased one and also e-mailed the publisher as well to make sure. Please let us know when you hear back, and I’ll  do the same. I did see the below poster say he already heard back from them that books will be hand signed by Jimmy, but hearing multiple confirmations never hurt! Haha!

The Yardbirds ‘68 signed deluxe box set has been available from his store for quite some time.

I've asked already a few days ago. 

All of them will be handsigned by JP.

Ordered one. Genesis books are always a beauty...

Greetings all - I e-mailed Genesis’ customer service and received a response from a gentlemen named James there and he confirmed at this time they are only offering the 2500 count  limited edition, and that all will be hand signed personally by Jimmy - no reproductions, stamps, facilities, etc. 

i just wanted to share another confirmation with the group, in case anyone wanted it.



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