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I got an item I'm really excited about and I wanted to share it with the board! Adding a Monroe autograph to my collection is a longtime dream come true. I was drawn to how bold this particular signature is. I'd like to thank Pauline for taking a look at my options before I made my decision... it is much appreciated!

What do you guys think? Did I pick a nice one?

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I love it!  One of the greatest pleasures as an autograph collector is to forgo the common autographs that we see every day, and to save our pennies for something that is a treasure.  I recently accomplished that with an Al Pacino autograph.  It is certainly a great feeling.  Congratulations, JXE.  Well deserved.

Great Signature and already quantified by PSA/DNA.  

A great autograph!

I’ve heard that her secretary used to sign some cheque’s how can you tell ?

Here is a good guide:


None, bar one, secretaries had a similar signature. Most types are covered here. It's what I call Style D, it used to puzzle me a little, but not now. 

Having said that, I doubt a secretarial would ever be on a cheque, that's not how banks work. But please post anything you find like that. 

Checks are one of the few things Lou Costello would sign. He was having his secretaries just make up mail to family and sign/send but he was very careful about checks.

Lou Costello's personal assistant was named Aida Polo. She was a niece of silent movie star Eddie Polo. She Wrote weekly letters to Lou Costello's family and his kids called her Aunt Deedee. She said the only thing that she didn't sign for him was financial and legal documents, such as the checks you mentioned. Here is her signature from approximately 1944. It's in my collection and I learned as much about her as I could although it took me and Justin at acoa some time to put her signature into the identified category. She's third down on this list  from the Hollywood canteen . 

That's a real beauty I like that.

I have one I'd love to slab, but the cost + shipping/import fees keep putting me off 


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