Has anyone gone to this? Does Nick sign similar to Roger before or after shows, or is it just hit or miss? I know he's a good signer from what I've seen online.

I plan to go to one of his shows and would like to get something signed. Any tips?

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East coast there were some large crowds. Go early to secret place 

What is the early secret place?

roger waters sat in tonight in nyc

Wish I was there lol.

How many of AML members were lucky to meet Nick during newly completed summer European tour?

Last september, in Luxembourg, I had no luck.

But this time, at his stunning gig, in Augst/Switzerland it was very easy to get him. He signed before and after soundcheck.

These are the results:


Postcard from Shine On Box, already signed by Richard Wright, which I received through the mail, more than 15 yeras ago. Now I hope Waters will go on tour again, to get him...and David of course, but that´s another chapter...

Guy Pratt, same PULSE-Book, and a plectrum which I catched at the Gilmour-gig in Tienen ´15

Gary Kemp and Dom Beken (I only missed Lee Harris)

Btw. Gary Kemp confirmed, that the Tour will be continued 2020 at least in europe!

Of course, I will go again!

I hoped there will be more people than we 2 - as we both already read stories of each other. :)

I was incredibly lucky to meet Nick twice in Prague. Once at the hotel day before the
show and then at the arrival to venue. As time went on, Nick made his autographs more rushed and more and more "simplified".

First I got him on Meddle LP:

And then I got him at the venue twice - the first one is silver signature (still very nice one I think!) inside the booklet of The Dark Side Of The Moon CD, the final 3rd one was at his solo boxset - at that time he already rushed a lot.... 




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