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Signed posters (3) from the Echoes 2022 tour. 

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Thanks code wouldn’t work though ?!? 

thanks for the find, 

FYI, another $22.50 in shipping to US, so $90-ish before the 15% off

How often does he re-stock? I would love one of those drumheads!

Same. I missed buying one when I seen him on tour last time. I'd love to get one of those. Last time his signed posters were on his website I think they were only $35. 

I think so, doubled in price, but still a steal 

Yeah definitely still worth it. Not a bad price for a legendary musician like Nick. I'd pick one up but I still have the signed posters from the last tour. 

These were the ones on the tour, same price too. 

Odd size for a poster. Its nice but unless I frame it, ill keep it in a tube my entire life. Im still debating. But yeah, id buy that drum head too if it was available. 

Code not working

20% off across the store now - including the signed posters


I went for the Bourbon signed poster — the most Floyd-like of the three, IMO.

The additional 15% code didn’t work for me, but it’s still a good deal.

Received this morning:


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