nigel bruce and basil rathbone. what kind of price would you think this is worth please?

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Unusual that they both signed on the same page. Not commenting on authenticity although the value of the piece should be $300 to $400.

For what it's worth, although I'm far from expert level on Rathbone, I had a Karloff/Rathbone signed piece that bore a signature that was very similar. Very slight differences. Based on what I owned, and it's provenance, this likely authentic, IMO.


In my opinion, these are missing the flow and characteristics of both men. The freshness of the ink and paper alone would give me pause even if the signatures looked OK.

thanks  for help.  Its incredibly rare if genuine because of both the 2 sigs being on one page, - but despite it being offered by an aftal and uaac dealer I also have concerns

Not a fan.

Rathbone is a signature that I am familiar with. I agree with Steve C's comments. Also a bit too convenient for me how they signed in a manner so conducive to cleanly matting. I'd like to see a much larger image to be more definitive.

I believe an authentic dual signed page would be at least $500 - $600. Maybe more.




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