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Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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Thanks so much!! Big fan, I knew he had a signing there but I didn't think to check the site for stock.

ffs been checking site the whole day and missed it!

George Takei - signed Japanese edition (US $34.95)


Conan Needs A Friend Signed Posters. Only 100 in stock. Hurry!


Got one, thanks! Love Conan!

$15 to ship a poster.. smdh… costs $4 at most…

I shipped a poster recently and it cost me around that much via Priority because of the tube size. Apparently USPS started adding a $4 fee for packages over 22". But this poster is only 18 so it may not be that big and is most likely regular mail.

Because it is more expensive to process and deliver these types of mailpieces,

I agree, was just saying that $15 for a poster isn't necessarily unreasonable to me. But the new $15 fee they have on tubes over 36" is maybe a bit much.

29 yrs at the USPS. When I first started I was driving the Jeep. You would be lucky to get 10-13 parcels that would not fit inside a mailbox. Now you are talking 75-100 parcels and another 100-150 spurs and chunks. 

All shipping has gone bonkers, and it's part of the reason I'm very cagey about ordering signed items internationally. I remember buying a rare poster last year from FB Marketplace, and shipping was $20 through standard mail via Canada Post. 

You should see how crazy shipping (already was, and) has gone in the UK. For those of you complaining in the US let me tell you, you pay very decent shipping costs compared to us in the UK.



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