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Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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Stay far, far away from Premiere Collectibles... scumbags.

yep, was $40, now $50, 

wonder if they base demand on number of clicks or some algorithms. Can't support them.

I ordered but I still haven't gotten my hetfield books 

You can dispute the charge but no you can't keep the item(eye roll) 

Is The website legit? I saw it was $40 when it first got posted and it's still in my cart but now $60, ontop of that shipping which makes it $70. Should I wait for other places to sell it?

Yes they're legit

Howcome James says stay far away from them and how the other guys have issues?

They've shipped autopens and refused to acknowledge it, they are a hassle with returns, they play pricing games, they gouge on shipping (if ordering 2 off a title is sometimes cheaper to place separate orders than 1 order-where most places give you a break on shipping for a 2nd item,). and the customer service is terrible.  

I will buy from Premiere occasionally, but only as a last resort. They used to be better, but they've changed management a couple times and it's not as good.  

Do you think I should purchase it? I am a big fan of Michael Richards, I've watched Seinfeld tons of times over. You don't think he'd use an autopen would you?

I'm sure you'll be fine Mike. Quadro's right tho, when it's good, it's fine. When it sometimes goes sideways, Premiere's the first to steal your keys, set fire to your car with you inside it, and burn your car to the ground. I give it a 89.9% chance you'll be OK, the other 10.1%, that's your choice. Other's mileage will obviously vary. Cheers...

May I ask what's wrong with the bookplate? I just don't want to buy it off someone trying to flip it you know.

I Ordered it, probably for the best since they keep upping the price. Thanks for the laughs too that was funny!🤣


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