OZZY OSBOURNE (SIGNED Limited Edition Softpack CD Autographed Insert)

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Oh, sorry. I don'tf follow this that closely - I've not seen many in a single line. Thought it might be different/cool to offser the "sloppiness".

No probs I don’t think it is sloppy I think he started signing something else, so got extra Ozzy ink

Pulled the trigger and just this minute bought one from his store, only package left is the Picture disc with Signed CD for €56.99

I collect Vinyl so not a big issue for me

Well worth it I'd say. He's not getting any younger and has health issues so now is probably the best time to buy one. I'm sure you won't regret picking one up. 

Already have quite a few Ozzys, guess I'm being greedy now :-)

Those are awesome! You can never have too many Ozzys lol, plus cool they're personalized, makes them one of a kind. These will be my first Ozzys so I'm excited to get mine. 

Finally got mine yesterday. Thanks for posting!

Anyone in the US get shipping yet on the UK Cassette restocks? I have not.

I’m in US and got shipping notice day after my order for cassette was placed…I had ordered from the original stock. Not much movement on tracking so far. 

I haven't gotten any shipping notice from the restocks. 

Same with me. Guess I’ll ck my cc in the morning.


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