Dont know much about Perry Cox COA's but it authenticated this Paul signature.  Opinions?

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Perry Cox is a very well respected Beatles authenticator but you did NOT post Perry's LOA -- are you SURE this one comes with it? 

Yes it comes with it. but I cant seem to put a picture of it here in a reply. Im not sure what a true Perry Cox COA looks like, but it does have one.

My first thought is this is a real Perry Cox loa. It has Perry's carpet in the background of the Abbey Road picture. That being said, I would ask him first. The only thing that throws me off on the loa is the date. Perry didn't sell this, which means the seller either bought this off Perry directly or Perry authenticated it. I didn't think Perry did that unless it was consigned through him. 

Northern is spelled Northam...But I have seen Perry make typos before. The seller has a horrendous seller rating...I would consult Perry before bidding.

I did ask the seller for a little more info about the COX coa.  This is what he said:

It was authenticated by him. Purchased from seller who obtained the autograph. Signed around 2010.

  Thanks for your help

Messaging Perry would be the appropriate action on this if I were thinking about a purchase. 

+1, horrendous seller rating aside.

Where's the other half of the autograph? Could be telling.

Agree.  Can only see the Mc.  But that Paul does look like the rushed Pauls that he usually gives the last few years.  Just strange that he bothered to sign his last name at all!

I agree, John: The part of the autograph I can see looks real to me except that it appears to be signed a little slower than usual. The seller rating says stay away, though.

If genuine, it's worth half or less what one with a clearly visible nice signature would be worth.




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