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Safe travels to London. It will be great to meet Peter Gabriel in person. You turn up at the event, buy a book for £40 and get it signed by the two artists. No other items will be signed. And you get to experience the finest British queue for free.

Maybe get a personalized book inscription that reads "To the Flip of A Lifetime Addison, Love Peter Gabriel." 

thank u. yeah i know all of it. i was asking about  this line "Tickets are free, but registration via Eventbrite is essential". I got a ticket and should i register somwhere else couse its not clear for me. I get the ticket at eventbrite site. And im not sure should i do something more after i get ticket via email...?  i ve got teh ticket already ...its really not clear when u read sentence like that ... couse i take it from Eventbride (for me it looks like " u have to register your ticket and do more to get there..." 

I think you are good - it just means that you must have a ticket to attend.

You obtain the ticket by registering your interest on Eventbrite. You should then receive a confirmation by email with a link to your ticket which you download in a PDF format.

yes ive got it all...ive got the ticket on my email in pdf...

but this sentence was confusing me "Tickets are free, but registration via Eventbrite is essential" couse i get the ticket when i click to colect it and i get it via email in was thinking thats all... it suggetsthat i should do something more so i was panic :) 

ive got the ticket soe i hopeeverything its allright and they wont cancel the event or dleyed or move  in time:) i ve got plane tockets to for this one day :)

see u there guys:)

Oh yes...yesterday was amazing... Peter and Anna are such nice people and the crew was so nice to help! 

I asked and I get it:) Peter signed some of his stuff too! And getting a pic with a legend is a souvenir like no other:) even if I had to slept on the airport  XD

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Congratulations Lukas! Great signatures! It was definitely worth your trip! I am disappointed as I had a ticket but got stuck in a meeting and by the time it was over it was too late.

I would give them a call - the signing finished before 6pm as everyone with a ticket went through, but there were still quite a few books left so I would not be surprised if they signed a few extra. The staff there are really friendly too.

Incredible sigs!

Managed to get a signed copy by emailing/calling the shop. Awesome!

Which shop was it. Waterstones or Hatchards?



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