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Personally I had a phenomenal year and hope you did too.

There is always room for improvement.



my *****MISSES and woulda shoulda couldas:*****

.Liam Gallagher (should have got my cousins in Ireland to receive it for me)

.RHCP (would not mail to Canada)

.Yardbirds (saw it as soon as Marshall Slayton posted it but foolishly stood down as I'm not a Clapton fan, and had hoped it would be Jimmy Page signed, AND I missed the limited to 100 clause...Ooops,.. (Hope you got the one I didn't though lol)

*****JOKE OF THE YEAR:*****

.Bob Dylan autopen !!!

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I love this thread as I've had a s**** year, personally, and need some room to vent. 

Biggest regret: Yardbirds

I remember seeing the Yardbirds, but I was so down at that time nothing could get me excited to buy. I had just had a streak of misses (orders cancelled, items paid but not received, received unsigned copies, damaged items) and lacked the energy to pursue the issue with the vendors, so it was costing me a lot of money and frustration. The importance didn't register to me until it was sold out and I've been kicking myself ever since for missing Clapton. 

Of course when I was ready to dip my toes back in the water, I made the mistake of doing so with the Taylor Swift vinyl and now have to deal with the UMG scammers again.

Joke of the year: Def Leppard

I think I spread my orders over 2 or 3 places and ended up with 0.

I would like to propose an award for worst retailer of the year and nominate UMG.

- Def Leppard: orders cancelled from Recordstore (= UMG store UK) and Vinyl collector (= UMG store France), no reason given.

- Taylor Swift (UMG US) cancelled orders but you have to fight them to get all your money back. They sneakily try to scam you out of shipping costs and taxes.

- Vangelis Juno to Jupiter is a printed signature but they keep offering it as a hand signed item.

Hey Jor-El ,

sorry to hear some of the s**t you went through this year...

I guarantee you that you'll have a better year next year.

Forgive yourself for Yardbirds, as I have,

"if you miss one bus, another will eventually come around".

We'll get 'em next time Jor-El  !!!

I am really sad about missing the RHCP deal. 

ya I hear you  Chad B, I tried sooooo hard and had one from Streetlight, only for them to cancel on me...oh well, we'll get 'em next time Chad!

J.K. Rowling is a big miss

joke of the year, i joked about in the other thread - MAX CREEPS.. I had high hopes.. spent lots of time researching and they stopped updating their fake story. 

Hey Jason H , I intentionally let this one go...I just couldn't get my head around paying big bucks for her signing with a pseudonym...so I let it go. Now if she was signing as JKR...I would have been all over it !!!

you are not wrong but the way I have been lately, I feel like my wallet has a hair trigger.. J.K.Rowling? sold... ask questions later.. its been a weird year and I've got in the habit of preorder now, cancel later if there is a problem.. Its not a bad strategy as long as your willing to let a company hold on to your money for a bit while you research 

I like your strategy Jason H !

And speaking about "wallets"..I fear my wife is going to put a lock on mine if I don't

slow it down a bit !!! lol

Its also a fear of mine but luckily my wife is very understanding and just wants me to be happy. She loves this stuff too but has no desire to put the effort in to research. she just celebrates with me when I score.. lol that sounds funny

Dylan. He either knew the release was all bull and put his approval on it, or his team tried to pull a fast one behind his back. As a comment on another board said, "neither is a good look". He's lost a lot of respect in my eyes - willing to do the kind of fan disrespect Parton and Patterson have lapsed into. Vultures, all of them.

+1 with everything you said crazyrabbits23 !

its always possible he leaves these decisions to his marketing team, Same as dolly.. we will never really know unless they acknowledge it.. I can totally see management similar to Scooter Braun making these decisions behind the scenes for his clients


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