Disappointed to see this one today. This is a very poor fake, not even close to being genuine and so when I spotted a "proof" pic of John Deacon holding it, I recognized the pic right away. 

Here's  their "proof": 

Here's the original pic:

The fake being offered:

With Queen prices being as high as 11K after premiums these days, please message and ask me before dropping big cash on items for them. I can't always get back to you right away but I will try to respond as soon as I login. 

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Great info, Innuendo!

What a scumbag seller. Thanks for the info and your help Innuendo!


+1 good eye!

Thieves just get more and more creative in efforts to scam people.  I am sure someone who does not have the resources of this community to rely on will end up spending good money on this.




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