interesting post on r/VinylCDnewreleases about the deluxe edition of the new PJ Harvey book, possibly signed edition

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I think there will be signed editions, roughtrade had some:-

Roughtrade sold out already FFS - thanks for posting though!

Saw that, I think RT will have the signed standard edition, but the Waterstones link is for the deluxe edition released later next year. I can't see it not being signed at that price.

Flips sake! I had no idea they were doing them too. That's twice now i've missed this one.

Rough Trade had them for sale on Friday. They were already sold out by the time I noticed.

Same. I live on the East coast of the US, so I use Eastern Standard Time. I woke up at 6AM that Friday morning, and noticed they had already been listed and sold out from Rough Trade, so they were probably uploaded an hour or two before.  

100 £ for a Book ?

That's expensive but if you want an eye opener go on the Genesis Publications website!

was not 16 £ for roughtrade signed version ?

Agreed. 100 pounds - if the deluxe version is signed - is very decent.

Waterstones are pretty good at indicating whether something is signed and reading the press release I suspect this isn’t alas. 

If it isn't signed @ £100.00 there will be lots of cancellations. 



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