I'm torn on this one.

It does have a couple of atypical traits, such as the formation of the 'n' and the final 'a'. Despite these, I still think it may be genuine.

Any thoughts?

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I would look at the numerals as well - the "9"'s.

I did, I'm not mad about them. I don't like the dot of ink at the end of the 'a', the bottom of both parts of the kiss and the '199' in 1996. It makes it look as if it was signed thoughtfully and slowly and I haven't seen that on many authentic examples. 

What do you make of it all Eric?

Hesitant and a bit shaky as well as apparently atypical. Edit to add I don't know this signature well.

 The x and also the line under the sig doesnt look right either

This doesn't appear kosher to me. What is this signed on?

It's signed on the mount beneath a beautiful photo of Diana. It also comes with a "copy" of a letter from her personal assistant Victoria Mendham dated March 1996. The fact that the additional letter isn't the original also raises suspicion. 

Not kosher.

I read she only rarely signed photographs and/or mounts of photos, and I don't think for folks who get responses from Ladies in Waiting.

 An official letter from a lady of waiitng would not have that heading. and should look something like this   Here is one I own


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