I just acquired a game used ball signed by Mariano Rivera. I am convinced the ball is game used and the signature is authentic, so that is not the issue in my opinion.

The ball had two Steiner holograms. One hologram is Steiner "hand signed" and it is firmly affixed to the ball. However, the other hologram, Steiner "game used" with a serial number was hanging by a thread. Barely affixed. I tried to press it down with no luck... it kept coming loose.

Finally, I just took it off because it looked ridiculous hanging on by a corner. There were some remnants of the hologram still on the ball, so I am comfortable the hologram was not switched.  I think it just adhered poorly to the dirty surface of the game used ball.

Has anyone else had an issue with holograms falling off game used items? And secondly, is there someplace I can look up the serial number for more info on when the ball was used? I can't find anything on the Steiner site.

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That is a very nice looking ball.

Did it come with a Steiner CC style COA?

I'd contact your rep at Steiner and ask about a COA database.

Did you purchase the baseball directly from Steiner?  Just give them a call and explain the situation to them.  I'm sure that they will be able to help.

I've never heard of Steiner using serial numbers. They use MLB to authenticate their game used items, those stickers do have numbers and can be verified through the MLB database. The Steiner sticker would be for the autograph.

Depending on how worn or dirty the items are, the holograms can have a tough time sticking. Simply call Steiner and they will replace it for you if you have any issues.

I did some searching and found a thread on the GU Universe chat board. Apparently, a few years ago Steiner did issue their own "game used" numbered holograms. The problem was the cert numbers were not kept in a database... they were only intended to match up with the original letter from Steiner (which I do not have). There is a good deal of grumbling in the threads about Steiner's lack of tracking game used items.

Since then, Steiner has gone to MLB for game used items as you indicate.

I am not concerned about authenticity at all. It is certainly signed in Rivera's hand (and has the Steiner "hand signed" COA firmly attached). Rivera would not inscribe "Game used" if it was not.

I was more curious how to track the item so I could learn in what game the ball was used. Apparently that will remain forever an unknown.

I've always wondered about those. Does "game used" mean it was used by Rivera? Or used in a Yankees game? Or could it simply be from any MLB game to get the "game used" title? 

Steiner signed game used balls are almost always balls used in Yankee games. So, it is safe to assume this was used in a Yankee game. But, unless it is specifically inscribed "save ball" or "final out" by Rivera, it's not safe to assume it's a ball he used. The thing is, Rivera usually keeps his last out balls and gives them to friends or charity. Steiner doesn't usually get those.

Here is an example of a ball that he definitely used and it did not come through Steiner.

that is a very nice item, Mr. Zipper!

Exactly Mr. Zipper.  Steiner game-used items should come directly from Yankee Stadium.  Good luck in your quest and keep us posted.



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