PSA Cert Card Scam -- George Harrison "signed" LP Should have FULL PSA LETTER

Seller emmcni-0 is probably printing out his own cert cards as this LP should have full PSA Letter as the value is way over 50 bucks. He did the same with some McCartney LPs recently.  PSA database shows no picture for this.

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I have this.

Wow. Please post the info. 

How is that possible? This is a really odd one.

Same auction/item number - very strange indeed.

May I ask if you purchased it at the BIN price?

So if I’m reading this corrrct both RitchieG and Tony Koranda bought the same Lp from the same seller, with the same listing number on eBay? My question would be do they both physically have the fake Lp in their possession? If yes then this fraud is going to a new level and perhaps police involvement would be warranted.

Thank you for all the effort you put in here, I really appreciate actually getting the proof I was ripped off.

I will await to see how the refund request pans out, I will then message you with regards sending you the shady cert that came with the item :(


Here is another bogus LP and Cert card:  Fully "signed" Led Zep LP


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