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I've sent PSA at least 10 "QuickOpinion" requests and every single one of them has come back "Likely Not Genuine". Several from eBay auctions and other auctions. 

Has anyone ever received a "Likely Genuine" opinion before? I feel like if I sent them some photos/links of items I know to be 100% genuine they'll even come back "not genuine..."

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I have received likely genuine from them.  But this really tells you have many forgeries there are on eBay.

Id save my money and do my own research. You will spend more than the 45 seconds they likely do. You care more about your graph than any of these companies.

I believe they tend to be conservative because they'd rather give a thumbs down on a quick opinion and have it be real, than ok it and then have to reject it later.

Here is another consideration...

I offer an Email Opinion service for my space autograph authentication business. Often, clients send me links to eBay auctions and the images are awful. Too small and/or fuzzy to make a determination with any level of confidence. So, I have to go back to the requester and ask if they can get a better photo.

PSA is reviewing on the same eBay I am. Do they ever ask for a better photo? To my knowledge they do not. I have never heard of it. So I suspect that if the photo is too small or fuzzy, they just nuke it and move on. Rejected.

+1 Good observation Steve.

Thanks for all the responses --- that's so interesting. I really do it for the peace of mind but instead it just forces me to not buy anything lol.

There must be cases where they say likely not genuine on the quickopinion and then they say genuine with full authentication right? 

Yes. Anecdotal evidence is it happens often. 

Wonder how much business they lose rendering unreliable quick opinions? I guess they have more than enough business already.

I've also had positive quick opinions and came back rejected after submitting the item.

It can work both ways.

They once said “likely not genuine” on an item that later passed full authentication, and I believe that the Quick Opinion result was the correct one.

I used their QO service 15 years ago when I was selling parts of my collection on ebay, and for the most part they were very accurate.  I cannot say that is still the case.

Just casually resurrecting a dead thread, PSA and BAS QO service failed every autograph I sent them (crystal clear images) that were blatantly genuine, and typical exemplars known to veteran collectors and dealers alike.

So maybe once upon a time it was a good service, but now they've become incompetent. 

I've said this many times. Quick opinions are a money making exercise and a waste of money

You're not wrong, certainly looks like a racket to me.

It hurts the hobby on several levels, people won't buy a legit item after getting an "unlikely" opinion, and collector's will think twice about sending their pieces to TPA's for authentication (like I have).

Also, I know the Stones autographs I posted yesterday was real (you, Ballroom, and Mr Mojo knew too), but if those with a monopoly in the market don't give the thumbs-up it would make it hard to move in future. 

Those with so much control in the market should be adept, and know what the f- they're talking about. 


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