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Arlo Parks - The Magic Border: Signed Edition (Hardback)
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Great find - I almost think this needs its own thread. Crazy how popular he’s gotten over the last year. 

Yeah I saw this in a Facebook group yesterday and I'd say he's as known if not more than lots on here that get their own thread,so Kahan is probably thread worthy. 


don't have a clue who this is but 1.4 million Twitter followers so posting in case someone does

Seems risky to got after the autograph of a Youtuber with a hidden identity. I'm not sure how you could feel all that great about authenticity one way or another.

didn't realize that's who it was lol, just saw a ton of followers and checked eBay and saw some of their sigs going for pretty crazy prices so thought someone might know who it was, those YouTubers are getting ridiculous amounts of followers these days so it makes sense that's who it is. not for me either way

Allison Russell - The Returner - Metallica Gold Vinyl - Signed LP Jacket & T-shirt bundle

the poster doesn't show up in the cart so I guess there is no way to tell if you are one of the first 50

Michael Bolton - Spark Of Light Vinyl w/ Autographed Insert

Not sure if this was on here or not. New on their website.


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