Red Hot Chili Peppers Return Of The Dream Canteen (Very Limited Autographed / Star Signed)

Is anyone familiar with this site? hope it's legit

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I ordered but I’m 90% sure this site is a scam. I could be wrong though. 

I was just researching as well.. changing my PayPal password now just in case

I am also changing my password and taking my cards off as well

Long as you don't use the same password on their site as your PayPal you should be fine. The retailer doesnt see any of your credit card info if you use PayPal. They only see your address and that you sent a payment. So I wouldn't be too worried. I definitely wouldn't enter any credit card info into that site though or use passwords you use on other websites. 

I have a system with passwords. Never have one the same. I always keep a log. Its a hassle but pays off in situations like this. If im not able to write it down, I text the info to my wife. Cant tell you how many friends and family have been burned before.. hope everyone took precautions as well. Im not worried at all. Actually think its pretty funny under the circumstances I was in.. if it works out or not, its another memorable moment I won't forget

I figure if you use Paypal-you're probably safe. The Facebook Page and Google reviews are not promising. Worst case scenario. Some minor hassle and a short wait for a refund.  In the best-case scenario, you get the CD.  If it works-is cheaper than paying $125 to flippers who got stacks of signed RHCP CDs earlier in the year.

I went with priority mail because I figured that's trackable.  If they don't send it and say they did- but can't provide PayPal with a tracking number-open and shut case.

I would think media mail is trackable automatically as well.. I never had an order that wasnt

Just checked again and this is out of stock now.. so I guess thats a good sign.. maybe

Reading all the reviews it's clearly a scam - 96% giving 1 star on trustpilot???

How are they even allowed to operate ?No way on this earth i'm even risking it!!!

Maybe they were legit in 1995 when that website appears to be made. 

Why would PayPal be an option if that were the case? I do not doubt you at all though. Pretty sure you are right.. 



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