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Red Hot Chili Peppers Return Of The Dream Canteen (Very Limited Autographed / Star Signed)


Is anyone familiar with this site? hope it's legit

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yeah i was also thinking it could be another Indie store thing since the only other one i saw listed so far is another Indie store that Landon posted about, although showing sold out at this point they could be getting ready to release in those stores. i'm just hoping they don't do an in-store only thing as i'm probably a couple if hundred miles from the closest store.



I think the last album's signed copies on their website released on Monday or Tuesday before release date.

What's the best method... Is there an email newsletter or is the best way to keep refreshing the page?

I know I’m not KD but when signing up for newsletters, they usually send the emails out late so the best method would be refreshing the page. 

yeah I do the newsletter thing and also save the links to every place that I think might get it, all in one place so it's easier to check them frequently. and then I check Twitter a lot because that's where everything gets announced when something drops plus people start tweeting about it once they see something. and obviously, also check here continuously. I probably should follow Instagram, Facebook, and other social media too but don't really use those. just a lot of searching and hopefully getting lucky. 

This is my first comment. I have been following this forum for a while though.

I spotted the signed cd on that website 2 days ago and decided that my obsession in getting a RHCP signed album would not take the best of me.

I did a lot of research and apparently that used to be a legit store but around 2019 things started going downhill. Basically there are no reports of anyone getting their orders in the last 3 years. People from the area say the store no longer exists and they have no stock. They also seem to have lost access to their social media accounts.

Apparently there's a guy called Bob running the website from a gmail address and, according to the reviews, he never fulfils orders.

People keep reporting they never got their orders, refunds or responses. Also many people report their credit cards get compromised after using it on that website.

"Bob" does seem to keep getting that site up to date like a legit business. The only take away from me is that Warner Bros started contacting indie stores about a limited signed edition.

I hope I am wrong and you get it, but... Even using paypal, I would be very cautious in providing personal information to a potential criminal.

Yes if you read reviews on trustpilot there are reports of cards being compromised the same or next day, i'd keep a close check your accounts and you will probably have to cancel your cards or your banks probably will anyway.

2 days ago, wow.. thank you for this info. Great 1st post. I do not disagree with what you say at all but I did read about someone receiving their items after complaining just a few months ago.. also, this might be a case where the only people who complain are the ones who do not receive their items. The ones who do, we will never hear from since they have nothing to complain about. It could be a similar situation to Chicago customs for USPS. 95% of comments are from people worried about no movement and no way to contact anyone. Some packages stuck in limbo for months. These same people who go online to complain, only a small fraction come back on to update their comment to say they in fact finally did receive their package. Ive done so much research on Chicago customs last month and shed some light on the situation.. almost everyone with packages stuck there will receive their product in the end but you wouldn't know it from reading comments. Im going to stay optimistic on this one. I do agree with you, completely though.. protect yourself. This definitely seems fishy. As long as your cards and info are protected, its like what Kenny said, its not much money to take the gamble

I can guarantee you that having a go at me will not make it to be legit. Be kind.

What If I did share and you guys got all scammed? That would be an even greater 1st post, don't you think?

I am kindly sharing information I gathered and alerting for a situation I have all reasons to believe it's not going to turn out well.

I only signed up today and even if I had done it before, I would not share something I strongly believe it is a scam.

Once again, I hope I am wrong and if I find it in legit places I will be sharing it here.

My first post (after also observing here for a long time) was the direct link to Dolly Parton Songteller at Chronicle Books…not exactly proud of that one lol but everyone makes their choice on moving forward with purchase (or not) I guess. However, I can see both sides as I held off on posting Steve Perry restock until I was sure they were signed because listing said sold out but let you add to cart. I just didn’t want to lead people into a mess or hear a bunch of crap about “it says it’s sold out” 

Definatly was not having a go at you, I could never and would never fault anyone for the actions of others which is out of their control. No one can see the future.  I would think it should be common sense not to fault anyone on here for posts that go wrong. Its sadly part of the hobby. There are scams in all aspects. Forgers, resellers, traders, autopens, preprints, companies not coming through.. and on and on.. maybe avoiding all these obstacles to receive an authentic signature in the end all contributes to the magic.. its up to each person to protect themselves. Im just posting how I feel based on what I've seen elsewhere. To me, hoping something comes through is part of the fun. Ive been scammed before and im sure I will be again down the road no matter how careful I am.. I meant what I said, it was a great 1st post. This entire thread is a good reminder for everyone to keep their guard up 

I have contacted a few indie stores and got confirmation from one there's a signed version. In their case they will only sell it in store on the release date.

Good, I made bank on the last ones!


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