I'm not sure if these are supposed to be sold online but I'm starting to see them pop up, i've ordered 1 from each store and hope they don't cancel but i figured this would be a good place to add additional stores we find. Heres what i found so far



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Well that was a frustrating experience if you are not US based

Anyone US based would be able to get gift card to be able to pay with it as foreign cards won’t work? That’s the only easy idea I though so far. Thanks!

Also thought about that. Apparently gift cards take a few hours to be sent. It will most likely be sold out by then.

Or even not possible to buy with a foreign card either. Haven’t tried it though

Yes, same problem. We're stuck.

Only way I could get one was for my buddy to purchase on my behalf proper stressful that

I just called customer service for both stores.. both said the same thing. The listing is legit but they don't know how many they're going to get and aren't limiting sales. What will likely happen, they said, is they'll cancel orders of multiple copies and send out 1 to each customer that purchased one in the order that preorders were placed. Cards will only be charged when orders ship.

Thanks for the info. That makes sense.

If anybody notice these come up for pre order where Paypal is an option for us poor buggers in the UK please let us know!!

Ok Zia records just changed it to in-store only on the site, will they honor what they sold or cancel is the question now

Zia in-store only now

Uh oh.. yeah I'll be very curious to see if they honor these orders. Maybe they realized they screwed up after I called their corporate customer service line LOL


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