I'm not sure if these are supposed to be sold online but I'm starting to see them pop up, i've ordered 1 from each store and hope they don't cancel but i figured this would be a good place to add additional stores we find. Heres what i found so far



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Hmmm neither take paypal? Are they legit ?

Yes Zia is huge and I'm assuming the other is as well.

Nice call ! 

Will these sites actually ship? This has to be a screw up

Thanks! Placed an order on each site. 

Thanks so much! It’d be tremendous if this works out.

I can’t order with UK credit card, can anybody help me out with ordering one??

Same here. If you find a solution let me know. Really frustrating.

Neither can I..... damn shame the only time you want to use Paypal and cannot!

If someone want To help me I can paid (I'm french)  :) 

Was able to order on both sites. Thanks 

All the flippers who raised prices on ebay for the last release, trying to get over 10x what they paid.. going to be so upset. I love it. Thanks so much for posting!


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