Pre order for signed picture book “Lifted” sold exclusively through Julien’s. Not cheap ($495)! Apologies if I should’ve posted in the Beatles forum but it seemed to fit the musician direct category as well. Enjoy

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That's about the best price you can get for a Ringo Starr. At least you never have to worry about authenticity.

I certainly agree with that. I bought one of the signed Ringo Gartlan statues when they came out because it was a sure thing. With Beatles/solo signatures it’s like the Wild West out there!

Ordered as I actually consider this a bargain.  Can't believe this hasn't sold out 

I see it’s got a code for money off. Does anyone know what the code is? 

Definite yes!!!

Thank you! Just ordered two. Not bad at all for an authentic Ringo.

I think it's cool, but...I don't think it's the best deal in the world. Maybe in 5 years, or after Ringo passes, you could get a few hundred more than you paid for it, but not much more. But...if you're a huge Beatles fan, I don't know how you can't buy this book.

I think as soon as it sells out it will double. Just like all his others.

I guess today is the day they will start shipping this book.  Has anyone heard anything about it?

Haven’t heard a thing on my order but they should be shipping out starting today as you mention. Wait and see I guess 

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing but I will probably pass due to cost. The Paul McCartney one was I think $2000 retail and now sells for like $17,000 on eBay (at least it did a month or so ago). Crazy prices for Beatles signatures these days. I remember when you could get Ringo’s autograph ttm and at that time they were selling for like $200. Guess things have changed quite a bit since then! 

Did anybody in US who is waiting get a shipping notice from FedEx for something coming out of UK from PlusArt?

I got such a notice today and thinking it’s the Ringo book. But could be several other things I’ve seen here and ordered, so may be wrong lol. 

No notice from Juliens, which is nice handling for this price point :-(



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