Bundles including signed vinyl, cd or artcard up for preorder on his official store here:


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Too Expensive me  for, charging extra for his signature on the LP when it works out free on the CD bundles !! Suppose you get the deluxe 2 CD too but still a lot, really hate it when so called stars do this! 

I know it's all about getting to number 1 but you should be able to have the signed CD or LP on it's own

And not his full signature anymore

Lucky its not an R though! Although it may well turn out to be on the actual items. Must keep an eye on Amazon.

So are the records actually signed or is it an artcard I'm lost again 

It says here "with Signed Insert":


Here it says Signed CD / LP:




So I'd assume the latter three options come with signatures on the booklets / jackets themselves. But you never know for sure, I guess...

Yeah what I'd hooe for sure a signed lp is more likely legit that lord knows how many signed artcards ? 

hmmm, more tempting seeing the signature, but still don't like the cheapest being the CD+2 cassettes, 

(I'm sure it's a combo no one really wants, despite it counting as three units sold for him for the charts)

Add in international shipping to the US and I'm still on the fence, though do love those songs. If I didn't already have a Robbie signature, probably would have jumped.  

Received today as a signed booklet, not art card, together with two unwanted cassettes!

Any idea on who or what Ted is? Very random!

You got a copy signed by Robbie and his daughter Teddy 

That's very cool :D

Thanks for explaining. I’m well pleased with that! Not sure how many she signed but was clearly helping her Dad that day, which is rather sweet.



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