this autographed piece of robert de niro is on at this moment and saw it before and thought how is this possible? but just saw by closer looking that it's authenticated by ''beckett''? a collector of de niro i learned this is a secretarial and throw the ones excactly signed the same way i did have in mine collections away!. what is happening here? please help me out and tell me beckett is totaly wrong.

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I have never seen an deniro signed like that. That's not even an vintage one, so yeah i think they got it wrong.

Wow, that's very sad that it actually made it on to a pack pull card and was authenticated. I hope the better business bureau looks into these authenticators. Authenticating something that is fake and charging money to do so is fraud just as sure as someone forging an autograph and selling on ebay. Also needed is a yelp site or a google review site where people taken by these TPAs can post star reviews of their experiences.

Here's my 90's TTM Secretarial... 

that is the one i posted with beckett authentication...

wasn't jsa authenticating those for beckett back then? doesn't surprise me that they would pass it

two company's working together? didn't know about that but this advert is still on ebay at the moment with beckett authentication no matter what happened in the past. it wil do them no good i think!.

o' and the asking price is 595 dollar? or best offer?... guess it wil not sell but wil end up somewhere in the future.

before beckett started their own authentication service they used jsa. beckett would slab the item but it would come with a jsa label

Becket only slabbed the card. It's not graded or authenticated by them. If Becket authenticates anything (now or in the past with JSA) it would say "Authentic" somewhere. Those Razor cards came already in the Becket slab when sold at retail. Razor purchased the Leaf brand name and now distributes product under that name. It's the manufacturer, Razor/Leaf that was responsible for the authenticity. And Leaf generally has a good reputation. Beckett wasn't really associated with authentication back then. That said, it is very likely people will assume that the cards from that set in 2008 were Becket authenticated. They weren't.  

The slabbing is sort of a grey area I think. On first look it seems the slabbing is for authentication for the autograph but obviously it's just for the card itself. It's possible the person slabbing the item knows nothing about autographs and is just slabbing the card but if it were a knowledgeable autograph collector perhaps they could have turned the card down and sent a letter, similar to the ones turning down autographs, noting that the card bears a "non-malicious forgery."



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