Not musician related but thought others may be interested in this!

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I'm totally confused by this as you can almost always find Robert autographed book on ebay for under $400. I get that it is a new book but come on.

She's most likely signing Robert Galbraith...

Is it just me or is that weird? Maybe I don't get the whole pseudonym thing. But I'm not that interested in an artist signing someone else's name.

+1 Steven!

Does anyone know how many copies she signed?


I don't know if this is the answer or not, but the link from Twitter posted above says that she was signing 200 of them. I don't know if that's in one sitting or total.

That’s a different book, I think?!? 

That was from an old book 4 years ago,  not this one. But she obviously didn't do too many. 

Ah gotcha. I guess I didn't look that closely. Thanks for catching that.

Anybody had shipment notice yet?

Not yet! Waiting with baited breath 

I do wonder if my order will be cancelled?

Book was published 30/8/22 - and status says Awaiting Publication.

Surely all the books would have been signed already by JK?


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