Real or secretarial?  

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I'm going to bump this since it got buried quickly this afternoon.

Opinions appreciated:  Joe W.,  David L.,  KaiMi, Nick, Garrett  &/or any of our other knowledgeable vintage Hollywood folk?  Thanks in advance!

Sorry I don't know the sig.

I have my doubts. 

Thanks, Garrett...the more I look at other examples, I doubt this one too.  I'm very skeptical of the vast majority of signed Taylor photos (and signed typed letters) that I've seen.

Etienne, Not a fan of this one. 

Thank you, David.  I appreciate you coming in and I'm agreed.  He's more of a rarity in authentic signed photos than I had suspected before digging a bit.

I'm not too familiar with Taylor, I know his rushed in-person sigs and this might be the slowlier written version.  Does anybody have a secured secretary version for comparison?

Thanks, KaiMi.  Taylor is an interesting signer I've come to find out.  At first, I thought that the one in my original post might have been real.  Like Tyrone Power, RT's signature did change around the time of WWII.  Here's an early signed photo from around 1938 that is quicker (on a Hurrell image).  He became a huge star for MGM after MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION and it seems most of his 'signed' photos of the mid-30's-40's are secretarial.  This one is from his hand:

Here's an album page from that period:

This is mine from 1939:

Sorry for having it upside down now ...

In my opinion some parts of the sig seem to fit to your OP (the "R" for example), in other parts seemingly not. At the end of the day I cannot tell, sorry.

I think we would need examples of secured secretaries to judge.

Thanks for sending that over.   It's nice you have sig. from him in that era!


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