Rock and Roll Collection Concerns [Title revised by moderator]

I see this site brought up a lot on this site for autograph references.

problem is, who ever this Stephan is he has a load of forgeries up here too. I get messages from people from time to time saying he has offered to sell a member here an item or two and it is never the real stuff imo, it is usually the fake stuff. Greed. He wants money but doesn't want to part with the good stuff.

Eagles are his most famous work. Attached is a screen shot of his fake work (not limited too). Notice how they are the same..... duh. If you look through his stuff he has loads of fake Zeppelin, Beatles, Springsteen, Stones, Floyd and more. Even the so called authentic Traveling Wilbury's is not real. Maybe the George and Petty are ok but 100% not the Lynne and I'm pretty sure the Dylan is bogus also. Anyway, I don't wish to debat about this guy and his ethics but if you are using him a reference be careful and I wouldn't buy anything from the guy either.

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He has always been well respected here . I would be interested in his response.

We ran a cover story in Autograph about Stephen Duncan and his in-person collecting in the June 2010 issue. I personally took photos for that story at his home and spoke to Steve and his wife about them, and we had them reviewed by at least one authenticator. Anything Steve said he got in person, I am confident that he did. I have never heard of it being questioned.

It's possible autographs he purchased might not be genuine. But what he said he got himself I'm confident that he did get himself.

I've heard of his stuff failing PSA, but it always passed Epperson if I recall correctly.

Great I recently purchased a set from him on a cd booklet...


What's wrong with those Eagles pieces? Please go over them item by item. I don't see what you're concerned about.

The two Eagles song books are signed in the same spots but that doesn't necessarily mean they are forgeries. I cant point at any of these examples here and say they are  forgeries. Some are just a little rush signed or from a little earlier time period. You cant always expect cookie cutter signatures even with these guys who give great signatures for an entire band.

Hi Stephen,

My pleasure. :) Then we can move on to the signatures. May one post examples from your site with other exemplars in contrast/comparison with this Bowie or the Nimoy's that have bee questioned by others? And/or with other examples from your site?



He has three Macca signed copies of "High in the Clouds" and only two of the signatures look good to me. According to the caption, all three were signed on 11/12/95 (the date should actually be 11/12/05).

Which one don't you like, 1 or 3? Look at how consistent "McCartney" is on all 3 till the swoosh. That gives me a lot of confidence in the batch.

The first is signed unusually slowly and doesn't have the typical L shape to me, that would make me look more carefully for sure.

The third only has a stick L but the rest of the signature looks textbook to me.

I don't like #1. #2 and #3 look good to me.

I agree with Ballroom, I do not like #1 at all.

Did you take a look at his other Macca signatures?


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