Is anyone going (or has gone) to Roger Waters Us and Them Tour and gotten autographs? If so, any tips?

I may go to one of the Chicago shows at the United Center, or the St Paul show. Any idea where to look for him or what times? Is it better to check the venue or hotel?

Thanks for any help!

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Yeah, thanks! Two shows in Russia - two signatures!) That's combo! 

But still there were some guys who are Ebay-sellers. That's a really sad fact.

Still, by signing for the masses, Roger has actually significantly dropped down value of his autograph. Before the tour there were probably in the range of $300-400 and now rather somewhere between $100-200 per piece. So profits for eBayers are lower due to him signing huge amounts of graphs on tour!

The previous week was super. Not only 2 autographs by Roger, but also 4 (!!!) autographs by Nick Mason! 

All the autographs (apart from David's which was from 2015) were obtained in 5 days only!

Very nice!!! Congrats again!

I'm going to his concert in Luxembourg next sunday. Hope to get him, for autographs. Hope also for Guy Pratt! Did you meet the hole Band? After the concert? Did they came out?

I have seen, one can buy a signed Tourposter at the merch. Looks nice...

I met the whole band. But I was dumb enough not to ask Guy Pratt to sign my copy of "Endless River" (to be honest - I was afraid that Nick won't sign it - and having signed record without key members (in this case Nick is a key member) kinda p***** me off (like signed Wings' records without Paul's sig), Guy came out before Nick, so I didn't have his autograph).

Yeah, signed posters were there, not expensive at all. But they are really huge, so I decided to get luck at catching Nick after the show.

Nick's security guy is really great (Roger's too btw) - he asked everyone to be calm and to give only one item to sign. But there were few of us (not more than 10 people), so Nick decided to sign multiple items. Indeed there were some ebayers (what is pretty sad). But most of us were real fans, and the security guy and Nick noticed it and were really nice to us. That was incredible evening. 

If you want to catch Nick - don't take with you 20 LPs. Be patient, show him some respect and that you really liked the show (I'm sure you will). And everything will be great.

Thank you, for your detailed answer!

Did you wait in, or outside the venue? At the merch? Or at the tourbus?

How long does it take, after the concert, the band came out?

You're welcome!

At first we were waiting near the artist entrance before the show. No one came in or came out and the local venue securities were nervous about us (but there were only 5 of us, we were relaxed and didn't cause any problems). Then someone saw Gary Kemp walking near the opposite side of the building. Soon we recognized that the band was living in the hotel situated JUST IN FRONT of the venue (30 seconds from hotel doors to venue doors). So we were waiting in the street, just between the hotel and the venue. They came out in 40 minutes after the show finished, but seems that they decided to come out when there were few people there - the security came out couple of times to see - how many of us were there. 

One more note - Nick DOESN'T sign from the stage (Mike Love, Tony Hicks, Bobby Elliott and Jamiroquai's Jay Kay sign from the stage) in the end of the show - I showed him my record (UK mono 1st pressing of "Saucerful") and added written note: "Please, sign, I came from Russia". He looked at me, smiled and shooked his head showing negative answer. But I understand  - if he would have signed one on the stage - lots of other fans would have passed him their tickets and other stuff to sign.

Some artists do that on stage, YES (Anderson/Squire/Howe/White) for example. And Roger Waters ´02 in Frankfurt. I stood in front of stage first row, he signed a couple, but not mine. 30cm to little. :-(

In´06 I stood in first row, in front of Gilmour and Wright, but they have signed nothing...

Thanks again, wish me luck, I will let you know.

Not surprised about Gilmour at all, he is supertough one)) I got mine David's autograph because my friends were opening for him in 2015 Koko club. 

Thanks for info about YES :)

Didn't expect Roger to sign from stage, that really surprised me.

Good luck!

I had the luck to meet YES two times. 1998 in Luxembourg, it was Steves Birthday...and 2001 in Düsseldorf,  they signed patiently many items for many fans. A few years later Wakeman completed my signed vinyls...Now there are two YES-bands, also Squire is gone sadly...

You can see all of them in my albums/photos...

No luck yesterday, did not met Nick, but a stunning Concert!

If you have the chance go to his concert!!!

At the merch I bought his beautiful signed Poster and Guy Pratts book, also signed.

Did they have signed Inside Out books as well on the merch stands?

Do you recall what time did he arrive at the venue before the show?



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