This auction house listed the same album earlier this year for a minimum bid of 10K and it didn't sell. They now have it back up at 2K and people are bidding. They say it is one of only 2 known to exist. It was released in 1968 and Brian Jones died in 1969. They never toured then although he was at the Rock n Roll Circus special filmed 6 months before he died and possibly one tv appearance. Comes with no history. If it was real and came with provenance I could see it going for 20K. Easily. Reminds me of the outfit out of Southern Ca. that forged all of that Beatles and classic rock stuff in the 2000's. And in this auction they have a real signed Rubber Soul and a working copy of the lyrics to Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Who knows....


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At least the "Rubber Soul" is a well-known genuine example with great provenance. It's one of the two known. A member here owns the other one.

Hehehehe. Yeah. I'm the guy. Last time I saw this copy it was listed on a website for sale. Not one of the main ones. This appears to have a reserve of 100K. So if sold, then with fees it will go for at least 125K. I paid 110K 5 years ago. I prefer mine - buy either is great. Mine is an early first pressing stereo copy in truly mint condition signed 3 days after the release. This was signed in 1968 - and there aren't many fully signed albums from 1968-1969. And there is a picture of Lennon with it.

So, these are topping $100,000 now?

100K is actually pretty cheap. All things considered. In the long run, it will be the high end pieces that really explode in value. There are so few of them. And any Beatles album from Rubber Soul on is pretty much considered a masterpiece. Or at least highly influential.

I don't like any of these signatures... for me is a total fake.

I wrote it off as a fake until they listed it again...!!!! I don't think they are trying to con anyone. They have had some cool stuff. But. Years ago they had a "vintage" picture/print of the Beatles. And when you looked at the back the photo tag had a fax number on it...…...

With this "merda" (in italian) gottahave... is the kingdom of fake ... there are in these auction something real, but the fake pass above to all real items...

The Stones "Banquet" LP looks to have signatures from 1964-65 --- their 1967 signatures look much different than this one.  Perhaps they went back in time to sign it? 

I do think it is a left-over album from the outfit in Southern California that caused Frank all that trouble. The 2000's. And I saw a million albums like this from numerous artists at the time - mainly listed on E-Bay - but also listed elsewhere. I will admit I was new to collecting back in 2004-5 and got burned a few times. The thing is.....Well. This isn't E-Bay. They have - and have had over the years - legitimate high end stuff up. I have bought a few nice pieces from them. And then you see this....And you have to wonder who is runnin' the show. Common sense would tell you that one of the last signed albums that Brian Jones penned his name to - much less Beggars Banquet - would have a history to it.



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