Comes from a very good source. Thanks in advance. 

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Looks good to me.

It looks authentic to me too.

I like it. 

110% real

Who is this source?

My only question would be who wrote the name Les?  It appears that it was written by the same hand, the e is the same in each personalization.

Absolutely no same hand...

I agree -- the "To Les" was written by each member of the band before their signature. 

Not the signatures in the same hand, but to me the Les appears to be the same.

Steve, it doesn't look at all to me like that. I have a lot of respect for your authentication abilities, so please point that out if you can.

it sold if my memory is correct for quite a low price at an auction  house a number of years ago

The e in Les has the same basic shape, angle, and movement in each one.  Just seems strange that four different people would write an e in Les pretty much the same.


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