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Not an expert on early Stones but looks close enough to the examples I've seen. Except maybe Keith, something looks a bit off there. Not an obvious fake, but something....

Hey Oryx, thanks for your reply 

I've spent the last 40 mins comparing exemplars of early Stones signatures and i have to say the Keith looks okay to me--In my untrained opinion ofc! :)

I notice a pattern, where he starts writing the end of the "R" first (pen pressure) and loops it counterclockwise. I've found others in a similar style from the early/mid 60's and some of them also have the "E" variant that looks a little like an inversed "3"

Would be great to get some more opinions, i thought this post would have gotten more interest tbh 

Looks OK to me - Ballroom will have a say.

The Stones aren’t my strong suit, but it looks like an authentic set to me too. Hopefully, Keithspoon will chime in.

Thanks Eric any idea of value for this one? Sellers based in uk asking over  $14k

That sounds a bit high - see what others say.

That seems very expensive to me. You can get something much better for that amount.

Thanks, any idea what it's worth? I'd prefer a photo over a set just on paper 

I’m not sure what it’s worth in that condition, but nowhere near that price in my opinion.

Certainly not 14K. It has obvious damage. Eye appeal is wavering to the poor.

Yeah I sent him a dm a few hours ago saying I may be interested but not at that crazy price lol 


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