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Signed by each members and real??? Or signed by one member for everybody? Vintage and rare???

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What do you think??? Thanks

Why strange ?

  • I think early early signatures or signed by one for all... no?
  • Charlie Watts signature are very strange no?
  • What do you think??

All signed by Bill Wyman...?

This is the question... yes maybe Bill Wyman...

Tracks in the U.K. don’t think Bill Wyman signed all of them: https://www.tracks.co.uk/product/rs572-rolling-stones-1960s-autogra...

But i don't understand these signatures... in 1963 the autographs of stones are different... may e these signatures are very very early signatures... 

I'm not the best on the Stones, but they both look good to me. Brian signed the blue one a bit slow and I was concerned at first, but I'm comfortable with it.

Does anyone have and old stones sets signed by one member , I think these are ok I doubt tracks would mess those up after dealing in them for 20 plus years. My set has a bit more feathering.

I think they’re real. If Bill Wyman signed for the others, he put Neil Aspinall to shame.

I think they are real as well, I really like the first set, - shame its in such a mess

Ok. Good. For me is a very early sets.... it's rare to find in  the market these type of signatures...



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