Rolls Royce bonnet signed by Paul McCartney, Bono, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Katy Perry etc.

Hi Everyone,

I bought this Rolls-Royce Coupe bonnet signed at the 2008 EMA awards from MTV last year and was just wondering about the potential value of it if ever I were to sell it in the future? It is contained within a wooden frame with inbuilt lighting and photos of all of the signers signing. I didn't pay a huge amount for it so I'm not expecting thousands and thousands. 

It is signed by (deep breath):

Sir Paul McCartney (signature approx: 35cm (13 inches) long with doodled face)

Bono (with sketch and "I still want my MTV 2008" inscribed) 


Kelly Rowland 

Solange Knowles

Katy Perry

P!nk ("XOXO" with skating boy sketch)

Kanye West (with broken heart sketch)

Take That (minus Robbie Williams with Take That logos drawn. Gary Barlow adds "Love")

Grace Jones 

The Killers (Brandon Flowers using a sketch of flowers as a surname)

The Sugababes

Kid Rock

Estelle (with sketch of dress she was wearing at the awards)

Craig David

Anastacia (with smiley face)

Perez Hilton ("Drive safely... And in STYLE! XOXO")

Travee McCoy (with graffiti style "Travee")

The Wombats (with sketch of the band, a heart and "Thank you very much + practice safe sex!")

The Rasmus (Lauri Ylonen)


Tokio Hotel

Any help would be much appreciated!

All the best,


P.S Sorry about the sizing of the images, it's only my second post and I haven't quite worked it out yet!

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Of course, it's great that he's bringing new artists to the fore!  ;-) 

I still can't believe that Kanye and Paul McCartney have made songs together. I just don't get how that happened!

I don't know. Nearly everyone suggests selling it asap, range of suggested value app $5000 to $25,000 to...more?

Pug said it best.

I can see this garnering $10,000. Take it and be happy.

There's so much wrong with this as a piece (where to display, etc). The few things it has going -- photos of people signing it, an MTV item, etc.

For the automotive collector crowd, the money to go to $50,000 on something like that   is easy  cuz the piece  mixes rock and roll with auto- here its is Roll with Mccarrtney maybe 2 of   best ever with some other notables too like Bono,

Wall space is nothing for these guys who often store dozens of vehicles inside.

And of c0urse the brits are car crazy too and I think UK  sotherbys and christies do annual auto auctions..

+1 (agreeing with Josh)

Nothing against Ethan who I like very much (he has a great Bowie too! :)

That's fine Eric! Thanks for the compliment! 

Ethan, did you ever try to get the second piece advertised along with the bonnet, from the  auction site?

Hi Sling, I hadn't actually (mainly because of exams and revision getting in the way!) but now you mention it I will email them this evening. I'll let you know the results! 

I think Sling is absolutely right. I would not be surprised to see Ethan get $25,000 or more for it, and $50,000 absolutely would not surprise me either.

I don't think an auction is necessarily the best way to go though. You're locked into a combo of luck and how good a job the auction house does. It could go for $5,000 or $75,000 or more. I think that this is a piece that Ethan can sell himself or with the help of someone who knows how to reach the car collecting and autograph fields.

finding that someone is had part but by going private yo will likely pay much less in commission, other expenses than going via auction-I would price it at high end when going privately

I just came back from the airbase and seen a number of rolls royce aircraft engines. There a massive company.
John and George owned Rr's , im sure Mccartney would have owned one or does own a rr.


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