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Thank you, President Biden, for your 52 Years of Service to all Americans.

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Herman Darvick is the Presidential guy here - perhaps message him.

Apparently there was a very good secretary named Von Damme.

I don't think this is authentic.

It is a Helen Von Damme. The "o" looks like an "a", the "d"is open...


That's not real IMO.

Thanks! I appreciate everyone’s time! I agree, it didn’t look good to me either. It was from a buddy’s Aunt (who worked in the West Wing!)

Most welcome.

I would not trash this; the jury is still out on my opinion.

Helene von Damme was Reagan's secretary for many years and was skilled at imitating his writing and signature. Bill White from RR Auction and Paul Carr from the UACC wrote great studies years ago. Based on these, the questioned item is a bit of a tweener... it has some secretarial traits but it has several subtle Reagan traits, so I would not rule it out.

A few things...

  • von Damme typically connected the B and e in "Best wishes" whereas Reagan would lift the pen between the letters. This example leans toward Reagan.
  • For Reagan the "ld" would be about the same height while with von Damme the l was significantly shorter than the d. This leans toward Reagan.
  • Reagan's e would lean to the left or be perfectly vertical, while van Damme's e would pitch to the right. This leans toward Reagan.
  • The closed d is not a reliable indicator.

This may very well be von Damme, but it's close enough that I recommend getting an opinion from someone expert in Reagan.


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