The 1968 Rosemary's Baby was in many ways the beginning of the modern horror movie with realistic everyday situations. Probably to some younger horror fans it is a disappointment not to see blood and guts splattering the camera lens in every other scene. To my way of thinking the movie is successful for the actors and actresses whose performances were flawless. The movie is very faithful to the book and some of the dialogue is verbatim. The description of some of the characters differ somewhat from the book especially Rosemary and Minnie. I ended up with a long ALS by Ruth Gordon so that kind of got me started. Angela Dorian (aka Victoria Vetri) was relatively new and interesting. Her autograph is somewhat scarce and her imprisonment for attempted murder made headlines a couple years ago. I know some have said they will not watch the movie because of Roman Polanski. I do not even think about him when I watch it. The actors are the reason I enjoy the movie. There is a long list of unsavory Hollywood celebrities there would be little to watch if only saints made movies.   Van Johnson and Joan Crawford would have had cameos had their scene not been cut.  The actors and actresses that appear either in the opening or closing credits are as follows:

Mia Farrow             Rosemary Woodhouse
John Cassavetes    Guy Woodhouse
Ruth Gordon         Minnie Castevet
Sidney Blackmer     Roman Castevet
Maurice Evans        Edward "Hutch" Hutchins
Ralph Bellamy         Dr. Abraham "Abe" Sapirstein
Victoria Vetri         Terry (Credited as Angela Dorian)
Patsy Kelly            Laura-Louise
Elisha Cook, Jr.         Mr. Nicklas (as Elisha Cook)
Charles Grodin         Dr. C. C. Hill
Hanna Hertelendy     Grace Cardiff (Credited as Hanna Landy)
Phil Leeds              Dr. Shand (Credited as Philip Leeds)
Hope Summers         Mrs. Gilmore
D'Urville Martin       Diego the elevator operator
Emmaline Henry      Elise Dunstan Rosemary's Girl Friend
Marianne Gordon     Rosemary's Girl Friend
Wende Wagner        Rosemary's Girl Friend (as Wendy Wagner)

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MIA FARROW is given the starring role in the movie and it was thought she might win the Oscar for her performance.  The Oscar did go to Ruth Gordon for best supporting actress.  This is an earlier autograph of hers.  It is blurry because it is encapsulated.

I recently bought a signed copy of her memoir (I haven't gotten a chance to start reading it yet) I believe Sinatra filed for divorce because the filming of the movie took so long she couldn't film for a role in Sinatras movie (Gladiator?).

I really only started following her because of her slight connection with The Beatles and India. I do like Rosemary's Baby too.

Hi there Adam thank you.  The movie was not Gladiator not sure which one it was.  He had her served papers on the set of Rosemary's Baby. Although she was well known for her work on Peyton Place in America she was largely unknown elsewhere.  The movie changed all of that.  I bet her book has lots of Sinatra and Woody Allen stories.  She was apparently devasted over the divorce with Sinatra.  He was close to 30 years older than she was.  I tried to upload an autograph of John Cassavetes but had problems.  I have all the credited stars I listed except for D'Urville Martin and the three girlfriends of Rosemary.  Victoria Vetri was a bit of challenge to get. 

It was The Detective, sorry for my confusion. Will for sure read her book, I still have to read her sisters book too.

Her doing Rosemary's Baby was a much wiser career choice than The Detective.  That movie is not one of my favorites though I liked Jack Klugman in it.  Mia Farrow's mother was the great Maureen O'Sullivan.


I have both Blackmer and Gordon from my my collection if scans would be of use.



That would be great Eric I have made a spot for Ruth Gordon and Sidney Blackmer below if you would like to post them there. Ruth Gordon is among my favorite actresses.

JOHN CASSAVETES (1929-1989) had appeared in the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen.   He was an established but still young actor in 1968 when he was cast to play the ambitious actor Guy Woodhouse in Rosemary's Baby.  Robert Redford had originally been considered for the role.  Cassavetes died at the age of 59. He appears on a special 37 cent United States Postage Stamp.  This is an early example of his signature from JG Autographs.  

The John Cassavetes autograph is one of the earliest I have seen for him it is from 1956.

RUTH GORDON (1896-1985) was best known for her stage work although she had played Mary Todd Lincoln in the 1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois with Raymond Massey.  She was cast for the part of the nosy neighbor Minnie Castevet although she was unlike the description in the novel.  The choice was a wise one and she would go on to win the best supporting actress for her role.  She also appeared in the less than stellar sequel Look What Happened to Rosemary's Baby with Ray Milland taking over the role of Roman Castevet.  

RUTH GORDON from an ALS in 1969.

SIDNEY BLACKMER (1895-1973) he was known for playing Theodore Roosevelt more times on screen than any other actor.  He appeared in Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo and Thank You Mr. Moto.  He continued to work in television even though he was mentioned in the Hollywood Black List.  He won the Tony Award for his performance in Come Back Little Sheba with Shirley Booth but because of the list he lost the opportunity to take the part to the big screen.  He was perfectly cast as the grandfatherly Roman Castavet.



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