So I was looking around RR Auctions and see that they dont accept debit or credit cards? They only accept wire transfer, check or money order?  Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them?  I thought it was weird that on online auction wouldn't accept online payments.  Thanks for any input anyone has.

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Also paypal accept.

i belive no pay pal 

I used paypal in a my won item on  RR AUCTION.

was it paypal with credit card use or just straight thru bank because I asked and they told me no paypal was allowed

I'm italian ...

a lot of  auctions don't take any payment exept for cash or wire transfer  or if they except cards they charge an extra 3 percent. its been like most of the time its more common than the other

That's good to know Marc e.  I took my cash to a money tree to do the wire transfer and when I told them the auction didn't take debit or credit that it seemed like a big red flag and to look into it.  Thanks for the info

heritage only cash ,95 percent of all auctions only take cash persay meaning wire tranfers or checks .if u do a lot of bussinees a line of credit is set up with them infact some of the big ones u need bank approval to bid in them due to fact of the amount of $ ur bidding on.

rember most auctions are 25% then if they took cc add 3 or 4 percent on top for credit card use ,then tax and shipping your at 40 percent fees when u do the math

Oh I know, I've learned the hard way how quickly it adds up.  Not to mention if your getting an LOA to boot.  Heritage accepts credit cards now though.  I dont know if it's something new, but i just won an old Cream at the Fillmore poster from them last month

Heritage does not take credit cards . And most dont

As of 2 months ago heritage was cash only.

r & r allow paypal or ccard for non usa people




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