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My belief is that this is genuine. It's clearly a messy/rushed example, but I see so many genuine traits in there, that I'm confident it's authentic. However, other people I've asked have felt differently.

What do you think?

It was purportedly signed at the Bongo-New Orleans Club in Malmo, Sweden on May 23, 1967. The original owner persistently waited outside Jim's box. Jimi initially refused the autograph but obliged after a second request, using his guitar as a writing pad (which would explain the rushed nature of it). The seller also met Chas Chandler who signed the handbill. 

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Don't be side  tracked by a story. I wouldn't touch it. 50/50 at best. 

I agree with you and think it has excellent traits as being a rushed signature signed on an unsteady surface. The Chas signature looks good to me too. Also, as you mentioned it’s signed on a rare handbill.

I like it.


This has issues, messy/rushed is just an excuse in this case. I don’t like it.

My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't encourage anyone to spend good money on it. This needs a bit more than a quick opinion. 

I hope you haven't bought it yet. The more I look at it the more I dislike it. It looks disjointed.

Hi Mikex, could it be that the disjointed nature of the signature that you allude to is down to the manner in which it was signed, ie rushed on an uneven surface? To me, the signature has the right characteristics with varying pen pressure that might tie in with how it was signed. I do tend to agree that it might require further analysis but I also would not be so quick to dismiss it. It would be interesting to know where it is being offered and for how much.

I'm not suggesting you dismiss it. I wouldn't spend a few K on something that might be authentic. I'd like a bit more certainly. Show it to Roger Epperson to see what he has to say. 

It just sold at auction for just under $6K, I assume plus a buyer’s premium.

Wow! Chances of getting a decent COA on it are probably 50/50 at best.

Which action house sold it?

I'd want a slam dunk for 6k and not something that had the right traits.

Thanks for all your views. I'm not naive enough to believe an item is authentic based purely on the given back story. In this instance, the traits I mentioned along with a very credible story, are what make me believe it's genuine. The signature, albeit messy, has a good natural flow to it, contrary to Mikex's view that it's disjointed. It was sold in Sweden by the original Swedish owner; the rare flyer appears genuine; Chandler's signature also appears genuine. It's got a lot going for it in my view.

I accept that TPA's might deem it inconclusive or not authentic, but how many of their authenticators are experts on Hendrix? I did ask Roger and he said "It’s very atypical and could be ok but whoever buys it could have issues down the line as it is so atypical". Which is a very fair assessment. 

Another thing to consider, is whether you'd make the "x" that messy if you were trying to forge a valuable signature. And would you risk butchering a handbill that's valuable in its own right? 



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