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Thanks! Some reason it was about £10 cheaper to order through American site than German site for shipping to the UK!!

Thank you! For me the US site ended up being cheaper to the EU than the German site, they charge VAT at checkout so there should be no extra import costs.

Thank you! Also ordered from US store to UK

Thanks - ordered from US site to uk

No brainer, thanks for posting this.

Thank you Drogenbaron! I usually stay away from country and rap but this is a must. Ive wanted her autograph since 1996.. I fell in love with the twister movie soundtrack. The last month alone I scored Sammy Hagar, RHCP and now Shania who were all a part of that soundtrack. I'm going to have to rewatch the movie again now. 

Ty! Just ordered a couple for birthday presents that will be perfect for their birthdays in March!

FYI, 4251 in stock at the moment on the US site.. I cant check the other site. These should stick around for a bit

3206 left now.. about 1000 sold in 4 to 5 hours.. not bad. Might ramp up a bit more as the west coast wakes up

UK store has art card bundles too (cheapest:*/*/Queen-Of-Me-CD-Cassete-Signed-Art-Card/7MWU0000000)

Of course with a cassette :/

… and it’s still cheaper to order to the UK from the US, with the added advantage of not having to deal with the annoying cassette!!



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