I was wondering if this Shaquille O'Neal autograph is real or not? It was obtained through the mail. I welcome all opinions. Thanks, Ryan

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I got this one thru the mail too about 4 years ago  I'd like to know if these are real or not as well.  They look different to me.

You sure you didn't mistakenly send that to Stan Lee? lol

I believe this is authentic Ryan. It looks very similar to one I got in person a few weeks ago: 6B387067-51E2-41D4-AFDE-498E9492ED59.jpeg

I also like Ryan’s, unfortunately I’m not so confident about Joseph’s 

I have heard that sometimes you get a secretarial TTM with Shaq.

That’s true I think he’s family members sometimes sign for him, 

I met Shaq on a Florida highway many years ago right after he went from Orlando to LA and the signature I got in person is almost identical to Ryan’s. The only difference being in the “3” but depending on how, where, and at what speed he signed it seems like a common difference.




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