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I was wondering if this Shaquille O'Neal autograph is real or not? It was obtained through the mail. I welcome all opinions. Thanks, Ryan

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I got this one thru the mail too about 4 years ago  I'd like to know if these are real or not as well.  They look different to me.

You sure you didn't mistakenly send that to Stan Lee? lol

It's authentic. 110% confident. The only person I know who could fake his signature that good is myself... And I didn't sign it....lol

I believe this is authentic Ryan. It looks very similar to one I got in person a few weeks ago: 6B387067-51E2-41D4-AFDE-498E9492ED59.jpeg

I also like Ryan’s, unfortunately I’m not so confident about Joseph’s 

I have heard that sometimes you get a secretarial TTM with Shaq.

That’s true I think he’s family members sometimes sign for him, 

Yup, matches up perfectly with yours. Most TTM's from him are ghost signed.

I met Shaq on a Florida highway many years ago right after he went from Orlando to LA and the signature I got in person is almost identical to Ryan’s. The only difference being in the “3” but depending on how, where, and at what speed he signed it seems like a common difference.

I don't mean to hijack this thread, but since you were discussing Shaq I was hoping for an opinion on this one that came in the mail today. 

It was not a TTM request - I had written him a note about something and he sent this unsolicited reply.

He also added a HOF notation, although it is a little tough to see in the picture.

Any opinions? Thx!

Looks like the one Deepak got in person.



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