Sheryl Crow - Live From The Ryman & More (4LP with signed Livephoto)

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Waste of time and 55 Euros!!

Arrived damaged and NO Signed Photo!!!!!

I have just received mine which isnt damaged but again no signed photo . Im preparing my email to them .I dont know whether to open the sealed lp in case its in there but not getting my hopes up ! What a waste of money . Pissed off isnt the word !!! 

I presume this is from the German rather than UK store?

Yes brevado !! Decided to open it as i thought why should i play guessing games?? I would be none the wiser if i wasnt a member on here !!! No signed photo . Sent email advising unless this is going to be sent seperately which i somehow doubt or can send me one . I want a full refund!! Im not spending any more money sending the lp  back to germany !!! Im absolutely livid !!! Urgggg !!!

Got an email last night from.them 

 Big apology ! Apparently no signed cards went to anyone as was maufacturers error and will be sent on as soon as possible so well see on this one !! 

Hmmmm I think I pobably e mailed them before you on the 16th - I've had no reply! 

If they don't reply soon i'll open a Paypal claim - not that i ever win them! These Bigger companies and Paypal  are all thick as thieves!

So if Bravado do receive  the signed Lithos - how will they send them out so they don't get trashed in the Mail??

Same here. Wrote them yesterday, answered fast, signed pic should be send in the next days..

Received the signed pic today  - nice one

Can you please post a picture of what it looks like? 

Thank you so much! It's still available in the UK store so I might buy it! 

Got my 4LP. today.

No signed photo!

Also the cover can hardly hold the LPs.


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