Has anyone had any experience with this dealer?


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Indy cast piece , fake

Honor Blackman , fake

Be very very careful.

Thank you both for your comments. I never purchased any items from this seller.

All four of the U2's they're offering are really bad forgeries. Plus they're selling them with photos from the 2006 Barnes and Noble signing, which these couldn't possibly be from. Trash dealer.

Don't miss your chance at purchasing their "in-person" John LEMMON and Yoko Ono signed drawing for $1495.

Not a seller I would have any confidence in.

I forgot to add the image.  

A real Marilyn Monroe signed photo like this one would sell for $15,000-$30,000...if one even exists. Why would they sell a real one for $4,995? 

John Lennon and Paul McCartney signed Beatles sheet music to "I'll Follow the Sun" could bring $10,000+. Why would they sell one actually signed by them for $2,295?

This is on their authenticity page:

"Every signature we offer is personally witnessed by a member of our staff or comes directly out of a private signing with another reputable memorabilia company."

I'd love to talk to the ones who got these signed.


I know he doesn't own Sign of the Times, so I'm removing your reply. Not that I like a lot of what he sells.

BTW, if you think only two people sell fake autographs, you might want to have purchases in your collection reviewed.

Hi everyone I'm new here and referred by my friend Benjamin.  I purchase from this company before and my item turned out to be fake.  I bought an acdc signed photo. 100% fake. I would never recommend to buy from this company.




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