Trying to find out if the autographs I have are authentic. Has anyone been Successful going against Antiquities International for selling fakes? I bought this piece from them in 2004. Thanks in advance for your input

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the coa from antiquities has a 100% money back if they are proven to be fake.

Authentications are almost always issued as opinions. Even if the authenticator is 100% sure an autograph is fake, they are going to state it as their opinion. 

If the guarantee of authenticity says it has to be proven to be a forgery, the seller is typically going to try to hang their hat on that, that the other authenticator only said it was their opinion, to deny you a refund.

Antiquities has told people that their guarantee means that their authenticator will go to court and testify that the autographs are real. 

The way I read that, they’re saying that if you sue them, they guarantee that their authenticator will testify against you.

Bruce, the coa from antiquities has a 100% money back guarantee if they are proven to be fake.

Problem is they don’t except any proof that over rides the forensic document examiner frauds they use. Antiquities does not accept any TPA to include Beckett or PSA. 

They will never voluntarily refund yours or anyone else’s money.

This is the actual image of Louise Harrison's "Meet the Beatles" album posted by Sotheby's in their online auction catalog.

I THINK she got $115,000 for the album...

Yes, it sold through It's Only Rock and Roll for $115,228.82.

It was consigned to Sotheby's June 24, 2014 sale. Did it sell?

I don't know what happened with it in that auction.

Jeff Mast owned it at one time. I don't know if he bought it from It's Only Rock n Roll or not. He interviewed Louise Harrison regarding it in about 2011-12 as I recall.

I just asked Jeff Mast: He didn't own it. He owned Dr. Gordon's "Thanks for the jabs" signed MTB, and he interviewed Louise Harrison regarding it. 

Just checked: it didn't sell in the 2014 sale.




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