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I'm going on record now to predict this will be fake... And that I'm probably going to gamble on it anyway lol. 

Yeah, put me down as one who doesn't exactly feel this is a "safe bet."

Vinyl and casettes as well. Again, if you're gonna order this, it's best to keep expectations LOW.

Im guessing since the website was crashing when I was on it, this is probably selling like crazy. 3 days of that, and she probably can't sign fast with 16 inch long fingernails... So yeah I'm going with fake. Think I'll actually pass on this one. I probably have a bigger collection of fake autographs now than real ones after all these preorders. 

£12.00 for a Signed 12"

Yes Guaranteed FAKE / Autopen - Not even wasting my time 

Looked on the US webstore in a queue to get on 7000 in front of me and over an hour wait LOL

UK webstore you can get on and order Instantly - though i am steering well clear! 

Can she even sign one with those nails lol?

Yea i see that like lady Gaga she is offering several signed items in her stores all around the world, just saw them in her Australia store, with so many thousands in line for her store in the US alone i think definitely Autopen or who knows she may pull a lady gaga and just sign a C or a B lol 

Holy cow, I’ve never seen anything like that queueing system before. I was able to order last night after waiting a short time (<10mins), but it looks like the wait time is still over an hour right now. It’s like trying to buy concert tickets.

Even when the Liam Gallagher store was slammed they didn’t have to employ a system like this - so these sale numbers must be absolutely insane.

She posted on Twitter that she was going to be signing some of them on live in the coming days, but A.) these can’t possibly exist yet, B.) she says something about only signing 15-20 of them and then cuts off, and C.) she’s looking for a v*g*na pen, and I don’t know anything about Cardi B or what that even means.

Cancel, cancel, cancel.


No way she is signing all these. Gaga 2.0 - It would be one thing if some items were sold out, but every item is available (up to 5 per) on multiple shops around the world.

I heard her say that about only signing 15-20 of them then they cut off the video. I think she was telling the truth there. 

Wait.  Over an hour? She is that much more popular than Lady Gaga?  Hard to believe.

Several new signed options just added. Order at your own risk . . .



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