The Signed Deluxe edition of Renegades will be on sale at Barnes & Noble on Dec 7th. Limit of one per person and instore only. No online orders . Barnes and Noble members only and the price is $500, 10% for members RENEGADES: BORN IN THE USA. ( 

and Amazon Renegades: Born in the USA (Deluxe Signed Edition): 978...

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Congrats! A good outcome for both you and the buyer, who probably needed a replacement slipcase.

Thanks for the congrats!

how much you after for this?

I am hoping to get around $300 for it as is, but I am also toying with the idea of getting it encapsulated by either PSA or Beckett and if I do go that route I would try to get $500 for it since it would cost me just under $200 ($100 for encapsulation, and probably around $50-$100 for shipping, fees and insurance both ways). 

Right now it measures around 5x7 as I recently trimmed it to fit in its current plastic sleeve so if I were to go the encapsulation route I would need to trim it just a bit more on the left and right to have it fit nicely in their 5x7 holder. However, I am not getting it encapsulated right now and that might be months down the road especially if I don’t sell it as is.

Without wishing to offend you. I think the price here is very high for collectors on this forum. Currently, the book costs new with both signatures at Amazon in the UK £244.08. While it is not officially available at this time, it will ship as soon as it becomes available. I bought it this way for 233 pounds. At least it's worth a try. Including further costs for the forwarding service (e.g. to the USA), this can also be an alternative (after all, you then get both signatures at once and the new book).

I didn’t realize you could still get book that cheap. I see it going for much more on eBay and RRAuction…odd. But maybe because it’s in Europe things are different. With that being said, what CAN you pay for the Bruce Springsteen signature?

Why don't you guys figure this out privately so everyone doesn't get alerts everytime you message each other.

Why don't you figure out how to turn off the alert for this posts. Not like it's hard. 

Very important for me to emphasize that I do not want to attack you in any case with it, it should only be an information for the forum, because all our knowledge is based on it and many members also invest a lot of time for the forum. There have been constant price jumps here in Europe (in this case Amazon UK. As I said, currently you can see the price, but the book is officially out of stock right now.
I ordered it this way on February 28. I received a shipping confirmation on March 1 (presumably from the US) and the book arrived at the forwarding service in England yesterday. The book had cost about 233 pounds. On top of that there are now further costs for forwarding etc. But it is still a great price for Obama and Springsteen.

Thanks for letting me know. If I can buy one for £233 ($305) right now please let me know. Right now cheapest one on eBay is $495 (with tax and fees just over $530). 

Currently available to order on ( at £244 - although out of stock you can order and they will tell you when they have it - you don't get charged until they despatch so not a high-risk strategy.

Does beckett encapsulate in person drop offs? I've only ever had 1 thing authenticated and it was by JSA in person at a convention. Id like to get a few things encapsulated, but shipping absolutely kills it for me. 


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