Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone has any opinions on what a decent price would be for an color 8×10 Sir Elton John signed photo? It's not an older photo or anything. It's more recent probably 2010 or newer. Just wondering so i don't over pay for one.

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I know this has a psa sticker, but I would hold off for some opinions here, it looks funny to me.

People are faking PSA stickers and cert cards -- especially when there are no LOAs involved.  I would NOT want this Elton -- looks nothing like the ones I've seen. 

I agree with you both, this is one of the worst examples of his signature I've seen certed

I checked the number on the sticker on psa's website. It checks out as a legitimate certification number.

Yes, that is bad.

What about these ones?

The index card looks ok.  The one above may be a real and rushed abbreviated version of his first name.  The top photo I agree with others. It looks off.

Both the index card and second signed photo with Elton in blue signature are fine.

I agree with Richard. The second group you posted are good. 

What would be a fair price for any of these autographs? I'm wondering so if I decide to get one I don't overpay for it.

Both are currently way over priced. Divide by 2 the current asking price.

Agreed, both are nice but over priced at present


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