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Wow. I've been watching and waiting for a pumpkins autograph, but you weren't kidding about it being expensive. Five hundred bucks! 

Kind of? I'd just call it expensive. :)  I love Billy and the Pumpkins but will have to think long about this.

Yeah definitely expensive... the only reason I gave it a kind of, is because it's a big box set, and they're charging $225 for the unsigned version. So technically you're only paying $275 for the autographs. Which isn't terrible for most of the Pumpkins signed on a vinyl. 

Personally I'm going to pass even though I'd really like to get their autographs. I won't listen to 40 vinyl records and they take up too much room and so it's just not worth the extra cost for me. 

Ha! Flippers beware.

Billy seems to hate flippers. Lol

I mean, it's free shipping within US. Bargain! :'D

Now that you bring that to my attention I'll take 3! Can't pass up a good deal. Lol

Haven't seen many of their other releases signed by everyone. 

Yeah, true. I'm really considering it for that reason too. Most that I've seen are either Billy or Billy and Jimmy. This one has all 4, however, it's not the original bass player they had during the glory days. But $500 is still pretty crazy. 

The fact that these are still available when all the other signed SP rarities records sold out in less than a day shows that Billy may have overpriced this particular release -- even with all four signatures.   

To be honest, even his usual $200 always seemed pricey to me, but they do sell. But 2 1/2 times that price just for James Iha and the new bass player is out of control!

Isn't Chamberlain here as well? 



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