Rubano Tapes Volume 2. Only at Madame Zulu’s. In store only this Friday. Limited to 100.

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Any idea how much they are in store? I'm not close by anyway but I was curious if they were selling any cheaper for Black Friday. 

No price yet. I just got this email today. You can buy the unsigned online this Friday. But the signed is in store only.

Man. I might ask a friend to go but cost makes a big difference. They marked their last one at $500! No way I'm paying that. 

So I called Madame Zuzus and they dont know how much it costs either. Very strange. 

I payed I belive 125 for the silver viper room edition but took like almost 10 months 2 get

Mine was suppose to be signed by Billy and James for viper room and only got Billy signature

This one is supposed to be signed by billy, Jimmy and James. The last one that I saw like that was sold for $500. I'm going to have to ask a favor to have someone go there physically, and I'm not doing it until I find out it's a reasonable price. 

I think the last one was so expensive because it had like 10 vinyls or something with it, it was a big box set that they were charging I believe around $200 for the unsigned version. So you basically paid $300 to add the signatures. This one I'd assume would be cheaper than that, if it's just a single vinyl. I think they've prices those between $200-300 but I'm pretty sure they've been slowly raising the prices. No idea if this will be cheaper since it's for black Friday. 

If expect this to at least be $300 since James is on it to. 

Am I crazy or is that a lot for something released way after their prime? Most artists who aren't really famous any more seem to barely mark up their new stuff and just use autographs to drive sales. 

Pretty sure Billy has always been a dick about signing stuff. I don't think he likes anyone making money off his signature so if he charges retail prices people can't buy them all up and resell it at a huge profit like they do with everything else.

Try and catch Billy doing some promo appearance for that wrestling league he owns, 

He showed up at a Chicago comic convention and was signing one item per, for free


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