Some of my Pictures are turning green and not coming out as I first down loaded them

I was just wondering why Some of my Pictures are turning green and not coming out as I first down loaded them.   Thank You very Much!!!!!     Fred.

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Can you share an example?

Thank You for your fast reply!!!

I don't know how to give you an example, but if you go to my albums in alphabetical order, on the second page, there are about 5 albums cover photos that are all turning green.

I just check and it is even doing it on my phone, but instead of green, they are not down loading right, they are turning gray.

I just logged a ticket with Ning to look into your albums and photos.  On my end it looks like many of the photos are not fully loading (we may see different things based on different browsers).  I"ll get back to you after they take a look.


Sorry for the trouble, Thanks for looking at it, hope it is something that can be fixed.    Thanks Again!!!!!      Fred W.

Unfortunately it looks as if the files were corrupted when Ning (our host) installed a program that takes large images and reduces their size but not their quality.  During the process it looks to have corrupted some files. 

I did let them know that this is unacceptable and they'll take my comments into consideration - but it sounds as if there is no "fix".  I have no idea how many files on our site have been affected, I guess we'll know as we run across them.

Thanks for checking into it. I will see if I can replace those photos that are affected, hopefully not to many. Thanks Again!!!   Fred 

I just check my photos that were affected and I was hoping that they were in one group, but unfortunately there are over 700 photos infected that are scattered though out  the lasted ones entered.

Gladly the 1st 2500 photos have not been affected and Hopefully you were able to put a stop to this and no more will be affected. I will keep track of the other photos


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