Specific problems and complaints against Drew Max, Marc Goldman and AAU

Hi everyone, i just found out that drew screwed up on A Babe Ruth autographed baseball and,authenticated a ball JSA said is a complete,fake.,When,I complained, Drew would not call me back and the President of AAU told me Drew does not talk to the public. How arrogant,is,that? I even suggested sending the ball,to 3rd party for review and,Goldman said there is no need to.

I know AAU and Drew do not,have a good reputation bc someone said,he was fired by Pawn Stars bc of too many problems with his,work. I also know he has numerous complaints about his authentication skills.

Anyone have.any,specific problems that they care to,elaborate,on? I am not sure what I can do but I am trying to,gather, any complaints and show a clear pattern of problems. Anyone,have any ideas on what I can do? Class action suit? Better business bureau complaint? Contact a Fraud Lawyer?

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William, I do appreciate your input. Here is why I am so pissed with Drew and company. I totally get the autograph opinion thing but I can 100% prove the ball that I thought was genuine was manufactored years AFTER Babe died. That is a fact and not an opinion.

When I asked AAU to explain this, all they said was " we are sticking to our determination that the ball is authentic" and totally blew me off. I asked to speak to Drew about it and Marc Goldman, President, said he does not talk to the public. I asked for another 3rd party review and Marc said one was not needed.

I have lodged a complaint with the BBB of Vegas and am lseriously looking at numerous options as to promote awareness of their poor business practices and am not afraid of being VERY open about what happened to me and how they responded to my complaint... Any comments appreciated on getting my story out?- Had they handled this differently, I would not have been pissed but they are still claiming the autograph is good! If you make a mistake, admit it and dont cover it up!

Thanks, Luke

Why don't you show pictures of the autograph and baseball in question?

How do you know it was manufactured after Ruth died? If that is indeed the case, then you may have a case against him for fraud but the cost of pursuing the case will likely be more than you could ever collect even if you won.

As if his rep can get worse, lol. Sadly, the fact that someone saw him on pawn stars will make some impulse buy. Stay after them Luke

Drew Max and AAU screw up all their authentications. They suck. Drew isn't better then an average collector. Most average collectors will scrutinize a signature. Not Drew he just cert's them and cashes checks.

Characterizing it as a "mistake" and a "screw up" is giving him too much credit. It assumes that there was an attempt to make an accurate determination about the ball. I don't see how one can judge his authentication skills when they don't seem to come into play. 

Drew Max and company have been exposed on here for a long time. There are tons of Mantle/DiMaggio/Ruth/Williams forgeries "certified" by this rubber stamper. Should've done a simple Google search and you would've stumbled upon this site and been warned before you sent your forgery to him. 

Ask Drew Max about the below appearance on Pawn Stars:


This is beautiful. Feel free to send more of these. Do you actually know what happened to him on the show? I heard he was fired. true?

If I was Drew Max, I would not want to speak to the public either. ;-)

Good one!

That's funny, William.



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